Download Auto call recorder 2.0.24 apk

The option of recording is mainly available by default in every smartphone around, yet if your mobile phone doesn’t involve this function particularly for Android smartphone user, you’ll be capable to set up an additional app to consent this feature on your cell phone. Call recorder app is among one of those and effectively it’ll permit you to track any discussion that you’re making with your mobile phone.

The Total Recall call recorder android app is an application, which was established in the year 2004 from the app makers of US. You need to download this application from Play Store, and then you’ll be proficient to mount it in your cell phone. You can find its latest version 2.0.24 on Play Store. Also, this app do not cover a huge space in your memory space as it’s has only a lot not more than 1mb.

The process of download and install is uncomplicated and the design of this app comes with easy user interface, which facilitates users to run this app without any troubles. You ought not to bother anything else to begin using this app, when the installation is done, you’ll be capable to regulate setting to fit it with your handset. This app comes with flexible options which allow you to manage the setting and working of this app.

The benefit of this auto call recorder app is it does not flash any infuriating or spam commercials. Moreover, it involves some awesome function such as password security which allows you to set password for your recorded files. You also have a dual advantage of suing this app. One is, this app records one sided recording, i.e. it records songs, music, speeches, meetings, conferences, interviews, etc via a Microphone, which comes as an additional feature with this call recorder app. And the other benefit is as the name suggest, it record calls of both sides i.e. outgoing and incoming calls.

An auto call recorder becomes successful only if it records calls and audios with extreme clarity. And undoubtedly, this app records audio, voice notes and call conversation with high class quality of recording regardless of low volume. Additionally, this app makes no beep sound, when the recording begins. So, you can covertly track conversations.

These conversations can further be saved and stored via cloud server including Google drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Gmail inbox and sound cloud. These recorded files are automatically uploaded to the above mentioned drives by activating 3 options from the setting menu. The purpose of storing these files is basically for accessing them later, when required.

A lot of companies have established their call recording applications that are efficiently in effect of recording calls in all grounds. But, this Total Recall app is highly dependable and trustworthy app on which you can blindly rely upon. But, before you download this app, check whether it is compatible with your handset or not, as this app does not attunes to every handset. In such case, choose its 30 days free test period.

Investing on this call recorder android application will certainly gratify you. If you need more information about this app, you can connect our support team via e-mail or forum posting.

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