A mega list of UX writing resources
Katherine Bradshaw-Jones

Thanks so much for this nice collection. We had a similar idea of publishing a collection of this kind, so good to see it out there. Some of the links are also in my bookmarks, some I’m looking forward to exploring.

In case you need some practical examples how to A/B test your copy, write for a chatbot or build a copy strategy and much more, we have 60+ UX writers in the copy community and Booking Writes is our own baby blog we are very proud of. https://medium.com/booking-writes/how-were-building-a-chatbot-that-does-more-than-just-talk-97a027e6b775 or https://medium.com/booking-writes/a-b-tests-and-copy-what-why-how-8cc4ae17eae2

We are going to publish soon story on writing the copy that converts, about the presentation our two copywriters did at the recent Copywriting Conference in London.

Thanks again and looking forward to your future articles.