He sails through a fierce tempest in the morning;
 her angry clouds darken the sky, imprisons the
 sun and shackles its rays out of sight, out of reach.
 But he, the captain of his ship, faces the storm
 his eyes as black and fierce as she who tempts him
 to his sunless, infinitely darkened grave
 and tames one of nature’s finest beasts.

He sails through welcoming waters in the afternoon;
 the air salty and refreshing against his tongue,
 sails billowing out, welcoming the gentle push
 of the ocean air. The sun breaks through the remnants 
 of lingering storm clouds, sinking slowly through the day
 touching the surface of the ocean, exposing sunken
 ships and treasures long forgotten.

He sails through the clouds and stars in the evening;
 trailing his fingers through the universe, leaving a ripple
 in his wake. He sails between heaven and sea, 
 and allows himself to be navigated by the Gemini twins
 Pollux greeting the silver face of the moon as Castor
 guides him on their voyage over the horizon,
 and to home.

Written 2011.

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