7:45am Momma just laid down something.

Round One. Kids who make their own lunches are still going to hear from me if they think two cups of ginger snaps is a lunch ‘snack’. Just because you have six slices of cucumber too I’m supposed to just leave it alone? You have a cold. (No I don’t!) Your voice is hoarse. (I’m fine.) Use your judgement and take an appropriate amount. (How many?) Seriously? You’re 12. Just way less.

Round Two. Kids, it’s my job to guide you. I also want to give you what you want. I want to leave you alone to do your own thing. I want to trust you to make your lunch. Sometimes you need reminding. (Why are you looking at me?) I’m looking at both of you. (I didn’t take cookies!) Don’t speak right now.

Sometimes I have to tell you to do things you don’t want to do. And you still have to do them. That’s my job. We won’t always get along. That’s tough. It’s hard for me to know when to get in your face and when not to. So this isn’t just hard for you, it’s hard for me too. To know where our limits are. How much we need eachother and at what times and for what reasons. Look at me. Do you understand?

Afterwards a kid moans loudly from the kitchen about how there are no Tupperware lids for making her lunch. She’s easily solved this before. Again I get to set a boundary. You can solve this one your own kid. But you’ll hate me for making you do it. Fun.