The British Government is legislating the ‘Great’ out of Great Britain
Tobias Stone

Agreed we are in an unprecedented situation with our political system. It is failing the 48% that voted remain and the 52% that voted leave were duped by misinformation, propaganda and outright lies. One thing we can do is consider the referendum result unlawful. Why can’t we prosecute or hold to account politicians for lying and even inciting racial hatred in the case of Brexit? If the political system is failing could we look to the justice system to make this right? Why should we accept ‘post-truth politics’ as a given? One of the key pillars of power is surely still justice, which is based on an idea of truth that can be proven. I’m supporting Marcus J Ball in pursuing legal action to try and hold key Brexit politicians to account for the disinformation they used to gain the majority vote, David Cameron included.

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