Some practical principles of internal communication in times of crisis or information overload

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One of the things I learned in childhood was not to accumulate material goods, because, as my parents taught me, in that case, I would not recognize the value of any of those specific things.

In my work, as well as in crisis communications, in which I have been engaged for certainly more than a decade, I have recognized the principle of sufficiency. When I worked in the petrochemical industry, where people’s lives were endangered every day, as well as in the much more benign crisis of…

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This is the age of social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,...
In the last decade, their popularity has grown so much that people from all branches use them, including Hollywood celebrities, famous musicians, politicians, companied, and writers, who chose social networks as their basic means of communication. It is difficult not to notice, or feel in a way, the influence of social networks, and how social networks have started dictating the ways of using digital technologies worldwide.

Regardless of the type of social network, social networking could also be seen as the amplification of emotional reactions to a…

Distinct growth of populism which expands on the global scene in the last ten years can primarily be explained by economic and political considerations, but special attention should be paid to the media, specifically online media platforms. The internet and more networked global society provide almost unlimited freedom to use social networks and online media and thus redefining the limits of freedom of expression. …

Remember the days when you could compose a blog post and share it on social media, and people instantly clicked it? Fast forward to today, and it’s obvious that those days are over.

Social networks are shifting the way companies obtain and experience interaction with prospective customers, current clients, partners and job applicants. The way I see it, a central component of this must be our encouragement of our employees to post via social networks on behalf of the company. This can also lead to employees feeling an even greater connection to their employers.

Not All Employees View Social Media…

It’s not as if Serbia has a great image in the world, even when people recognize it by its name and don’t confuse it with Syria or Siberia. Although not crucial, based on my professional experience, the branding of a country is an important factor affecting the success of the country’s scientists and designers.

Nowadays, for most people everyday life comprises a comprehensive use of modern technologies, communications in the digital world as well as sharing information and content in real time via large number of social networks. Mobile — Smart phones are with us almost all the time but their initial, primary function — telephone conversation — is increasingly giving up in front of other forms of online communication.

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The use of modern technology in all aspects of life also inevitably affects the way we view and experience the world and people around us and the way we see ourselves in the environment…

Tanja Tatomirovic

Author of the book about WW2 fascist radio propaganda. Communicologist. A character from a novel. Stray pets advocate. Works for Microsoft.

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