Best Clever Instagram Captions

Instagram is the new cool. Also, this social media app has garnered the huge attention of the people out of its cool feature of captioning your photo. You can flood your photo with a number of captions. The users of Instagram use different captions such as clever Instagram captions, cute, funny and many other captions of different kinds to complete their picture perfect. And why not? Having the apt Instagram caption is very important. After all, all your followers, exes, and crushes stalk do not desist to stalk you!

If you wish to be a little playful and wise at the same time, the best kind of captions for you to use are the clever Instagram captions. These clever captions are very sarcastic and playful which speak a lot about your personality. If you wish to hit someone really hard using your words without letting them know, congratulations these Clever Instagram Captions are the best pick for you. Whether it is a coffee date or a selfie, whether it is a day out with all your girl gang or a date with your latest crush — a clever caption is more than enough using which you can highlight your picture and attract all your followers. The wise followers on your Instagram handle will surely understand the meaning of your captions. However, the unwise ones will keep racking their brains for the whole night only to reach a conclusion that may be wrong (no apologies).

So, what are you waiting for? Use these clever Instagram captions on your photos and let your followers ponder what exactly is going in your mind.

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