Rape: Remedies and Prevention

Rape does not seem to be stopping in the country. The “storm” of rape continues at a stormy pace. According to the Law and Arbitration Center, the number of rapes from January to June this year was 280, of which 10 died due to rape and 5 committed suicide due to rape. On the other hand, the rate of child rape is 3 times higher than that of adults. In Africa, such an epidemic has taken shape. For this reason, the punishment for rape is to cut the throat in public and the field, especially to keep the rapist with his hands tied and hanging on the testicles with a large stone.

Rape class Division:

Circumstances: Abhisar / Dawaat rape; Child rape; Gang rape; Rape by acquaintances; Marital rape; Rape by family members- etc.

Targeted: Angry rapist; Rapist (power rapist); The oppressive rapist.

Some features of a rapist: have a history of major and minor crimes from childhood; They are victims of sexual and physical abuse; They often come from broken families / dysfunctional families; They are boundless, unruly, talented; Their consciences are not made or even if they are flawed; The formation of a cruel, ruthless mind; They are like animals out of control. Psychological and sociological analysis of rape is important, but it is even more urgent now to take concerted action to prevent and prevent rape. Despite all the precautions and precautions, we may not be able to completely prevent rape, but awareness, caution, and socio-legal remedies can greatly reduce this number. To resist, the woman must be empowered so that she learns to believe firmly that she has the right and ability to say “no” and to “defend herself.” The main aspect of rape is the socio-cultural tendency to impose all sexual symbols on women. Only this trend of “sexualizing” women must be resisted. The patriarchal view of women as “sex” and not “human” must be radically changed

Ways to prevent:

First of all, it is necessary to transform the culture that promotes rape culture into an anti-rape, anti-rape society. For this, it is necessary to stop presenting women as “sex products” in stories, novels, dramas, movies, and advertisements in an attractive way. Instead, we need to develop a cultural view of him as a “human being.”On the other hand, all the myths and beliefs in the society that indulge in rape have to be dispelled. There are some common myths: women’s extreme dress, behavior encourages rape; Women want to be raped; The woman’s breasts do not open, so she has to “call” again and again; Men are more sexually active, so they can’t control themselves; The mentality of these sex robbers, like land robbers, is that they have “rights” over a woman’s body; Having a physical relationship once means that he will have the right to the next; one of the causes of rape is the solitary movement of women at night; There is no sign of injury on the body of the rapist, so he had silent support — etc. Misconceptions must be removed from society.

More needs to be done to change the culture of rape:

Not only should women be told to be vigilant in preventing rape, but men should also be given the message “don’t rape” over and over again; Create a culture of “consent” in the family, society; The media should stop sexually explicit programs in videos; The traditional notion of masculinity needs to change; Rape should be seen as a “crime” and “violence against women” to dispel misconceptions about the “natural” nature of rape; Rape means rape, love — in the name of friendship can not be tried to “legitimize” it; The cowardice of being raped in front of the eyes while remaining indifferent, inactive must be avoided; Incidents of rape cannot be hidden for fear of social/legal harassment, disrespect;

Victim to do:

Pay attention to what your intuition and mind say about whether you are safe somewhere or someone; Keep a watchful eye on the four-sided side; Keep with you something that will be useful to draw the attention of others when needed (whistle, alarm); Learn self-defense techniques; Avoid secluded, abandoned areas while walking down the street; Keep a mobile phone with; Keep a confident, courageous attitude; Keep a “code word” on your mobile phone so that you can symbolically alert family members/friends in times of danger; If you think you are following, enter the house next door;The party will be tied up and taken by loyal people; Do not drink wine there; If you are in danger, try to get out of one of them. Clear your position in clear and unambiguous language; Remind it of rape; Use if codeword; Make an excuse (the period is ongoing or sexually transmitted disease); Shout to attract the attention of others, pinch with nails, hiccup with hair; Bite, kick, push — if you can somehow free yourself for a moment, run and run; Do not go directly to the police, do not wash your hands or do anything that may cause physical damage. Your barrier can make him more violent, so if you want to attack it must be — unexpected, sudden, and very painful (especially targeting his testicles, eye sockets, trachea).

Social and State Initiatives:

Individuals need to be alert and aware, but society and the state have to take the main responsibility to prevent rape. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States has launched the “Rape Prevention and Education” (RPE) program centrally. We also need to take such national programs, where steps will be taken to implement world-tested and scientifically proven effective “prevention” programs. Here are three programs that have been proven effective in scientific research:1) Safe Date — It has 5 ingredients and it is proven to be successful in preventing emotional and sexual harassment of teenagers. 2) Shifting Boundaries: Attempts are made to create a positive social attitude and anti-rape attitude.3) Real Consent — Attempts are made to create socially oriented, ethical behavior using social understanding and social norms. Besides, 4 more programs are considered “promising” — 1. The Green Dot Program — Introduced by Dorothy Edward, the program seeks to bring about positive change in social norms and encourage people close to rape to come forward to resist.2. Man’s Program — Introduced by John Faubert, the program emphasizes empathy for the victim, including respecting others, improving relationships. 3. Motivation for rape victims to take a pro-active role — Victoria Beniard created the program to train eyewitnesses on when and how to come forward to help.4. SS: SS STP-Program.

Legal reform:

The Rape Shield law must be followed so that the victim is not unnecessarily cross-examined, personal matters are not made more public; her past sexuality is not cited as an example; the further proof is required; In medical examination, the standard protocol has to be followed, the examination has to be done with experienced professional, documentation of everything has to be kept, there is no pressure, there is no room for corruption; The full biography of therapists should be registered and stored everywhere, There should be access to it on the internet and legal reforms should be introduced for harsher punishments — the punishment for rape in some countries is as follows: India (under the amended law of 2013) — life imprisonment or the death penalty; France — 15–30 years in prison; China — death penalty for shooting in the neck; Afghanistan — shot dead in 4 days; There should also be mention of minimum punishment; Judgment must be swift and punishment visible.




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