Is there a recycle bin for the “dumped”?

If you have no idea what getting dumped is, STOP READING right here and please go back to whatever you were doing.

For the rest, I write this on one of those days I got dumped for reasons I don’t know and I’m on my quest for a balm that could magically recycle whatever is left of my broken heart and make it look beautiful on the walls of an earthen pot or a beautifully crafted Rajasthani outfit.

Well! There’s no dearth for reasons for heartbreak and some of us get our broken at the drop of a ‘h’, leave alone hat!

If there’s a university that gives doctoral degrees for investing energy & emotions, let alone time and effort, with the wrong person, they’d welcome everyone with a 30 foot statue of mine! I’m the God of choosing the wrong person to pour my love on.

The worst part is the initial signs will be great & we’d hit it off like we were meant to be together some thousands of centuries back & our combined energies have been ‘fused’ to shine like the sun. Sadly, reality would point and laugh at me & it will shine like the “other brand bulb” in SYSKA LED Ad.

Like that sad piece of Lays chips that gets trampled under the Moshi shoe, albeit unintentionally, our hearts are crushed into tiny pieces of Lays that is left on the edges of your mouth or on your tee shirt, which someone who has a crush on you would try to “brush” it off & fantasise getting cosy with you, the exact same way your “someone’s” heart is broken.

Where is the balm?

Fool yourself! Yes. A lot of balms may not relieve pain but ease your limits of coping with it while distracting your senses with the smell & the sensation it gives.

Except VAT 69, whAt else can cheer you up?

Well! Tell me if you know.



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