$SHOT + $TNK. Tokens in Tank Metaverse

$SHOT utility token

Token $SHOT will be used exclusively for in-game manipulations. This is an in-game currency meant to be used in Tank Arena to pay game rewards and fees, as well as to purchase and upgrade all types of game units within the arena.

  • legendary Tank Arena battles,
  • product placement and adds on Tank Arena,
  • additional temporary tank functionality,
  • boosts and features at the arena,
  • NFT pumping.


This token is the major currency of the entire Tankopolis. Using it, you will be able to buy and rent land, buy and build yield farming factories on it, and exchange $SHOT earned at the Arena of course. The NFT trading process will also be carried out using $TNK.

$TNK token utility

Staking. Exclusive offer. The opportunity to set tokens into stacking will be valid within a week after TGE only. Coins can be staked for 6 or 12 months. This is a limited offer that will never be valid anymore.



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