Can we start again?

Well that wasn’t the first week I had in mind….. I played 118 tournaments, cashed 18% of those (pretty large when you think around 10% of players cash each tourn) but still finished with an ROI of -38% for the week :(

So where did it go wrong? Well MTT & 180 man SNG (I’m classing them both together as I think it is very similar play in them) were pretty awful. I cashed over 20% but only final tabled 2 tournaments. Finished 6th in one and 7th in the other. One defeat was unlucky — JJ < A10 but the other one is the one I’m going to focus on as I think I made a mistake…

This was a 2.20 reg tournament with around $110 up top. I’m trying to remember everything here (so some numbers may be slightly off) as I was so angry with myself that I just switched my laptop off straight after before I could note the hand. Anyway I was 3rd out of 7 players left and raised UTG with QJ diamonds. I get one call from the chip leader who was on the button.

Flop comes out Qc9c8x (ie two clubs and a non diamond). This is a pretty good flop for me as I have top pair with a gutshot straight draw. I cbet c.45% of the pot and get a call from the button. The turn comes 10x which gives me the straight. At this point I think the board is very two pair heavy and I want to a call from them so I reduce my bet size to 40% of pot. I get a call. A third club hits the river. I check and villain then jams to put my tournament life at risk.

I’m trying to remember the exact maths here and think I had to call 36k to win around 125k. So on the face of it the odds are pretty good. I beat all bluffs — but what bluffs didn’t get there? 2 pairs and sets have showdown value so they would check back. I split the pot with any J and the club draw got there. So in all honesty the only thing I’m beating is complete air who called 2 streets on final table………. Also folding would still leave me with 36k which I believe would’ve left me in 5th place with 7 remaining. While this wasn’t a big tournament you should always consider ICM on a final table (basically how much equity do you have in the tournament). If I bust I make $17, if I make the fold and ladder up to 5th I make $30. That’s an extra 6ish buy ins!!! In the heat of the moment I somehow convinced myself to make the call just to him show 7c4c for the river flush. Gutting but a very bad call from me.

my reaction when I saw the club (but I still made the call……)

It wasn’t all doom and gloom this week. I made a return of investment of 17% in 45 man SNGs which probably means I will try to play more of them next week. I also played a few interesting hands which you can see on Boom below. Would love to hear your thoughts on these and if you have any questions about the lines I took on each hand.

Hand 1 —

Hand 2 — (this one is an interesting one which I may analyse next week)

Hand 3 —

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