Bonds formed in college

Friendship is an important part of you life no matter how old you are, but as you get older does how you make friends change? You hanging out with your friends when you suddenly think how did i make these friends and why are we friends? We know making friends is important but does that have any correlation with how you form a professional network? I believe that making professional networks in college takes hard work and extra effort. I think that making professional networks take hard work the same way making friends in college takes extra effort. I have made a podcast looking in-depth how making friends in college is different from before this. This podcast interviewed people in-depth on how they believed making friends in college was different . I also wrote a paper on how to make professional networks and where to form professional connections.

Making professional connections is a process. Alexis Grant a writer from the USN says “ The isolation of some college campuses fosters learning, but when it comes to networking, students can get ahead by networking off campus, out of there bubble.” We have to venture out and begin to challenge our sheltered life; by doing activities we might not be comfortable with but will further our professional connections. These connections can be formed in many way lie using linkedin which is suggested by Elizabeth Dexter-Wilson a professional job search coach. She says “ Establishing a professional online presence begins freshman year. The main focus freshman year, is to establish your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a professional networking site every bit as relevant to first year college students as it is to seasoned professionals.” Linkedin can connect you with people in your field. This connection with people in your field can help shape your future.

You can make friends from those who share a major with you. We all have that awkward time in which we are put into a new environment and don't know what to do. Making friends in your major is one of the ways of making friends in college. James a 4 year college student says the friends he made in his major will really helped him. There are so many different ways of making friends in college. These ways are so different from how you made friends before college. I interviewed some college students and 80% said that making friends the first time on campus took them out of there comfort zone. This extra effort is caused by the new environment of college no longer are you forced in a classroom for 5 days a week for a subject you might not find interesting.

This extra effort put in to make friends is not so different from bursting out of your bubble when creating professional connections. Both of these start your freshman year. You can't relax and hope either one will come to you because they both require special attention. These topic even share common subjects such as majors and social media. With majors you can find people with common interest, or make professional connections, and with social media you can make friends or make yourself look job ready. Both making friends and making a professional network are not easy tasks. This matters because both finding friends and creating a professional network last longer that just college they last the rest of your life.

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