I wanted to share my experience here with the latest series of MOOCs run by NPTEL programme of IIT Madras. While casually browsing through one of my social handles I came across this advertisement of IMAD (Introduction to Modern Application Development). It was a free online course conducted by the NPTEL programme of IIT Madras in association with Hasura which was actually found founded by an alumni of IIT(M) itself. It was a great experience learning from all those hasura tutorials and doing weekly assignments as the part of the course.

A short intro to IMAD

The course contains actually what you will need to start out in the web development or an IT career. You get to know how things work like the Internet, web development, what are cloud providers? what is a DNS? etc.
As you go further the course takes you to build your first webapp on their own platform which is really motivating for a newbie. You get to learn the basic networking skills, security, APIs and JavaScript. Further along the course I learnt about actual app development and databases and various other concepts of the modern development practices prevalent in the IT industry. …

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