Some Frequently Asked Questions…

Tanmay Saxena
Jul 19, 2017 · Unlisted

Just a list of some of the questions I come across regularly during my discussions with the human resources teams…

Experience and General Queries

Why did I make this page/section ?

I tend to believe time is very important for me and for you, thus, before connecting over a call or before wasting a lot of time, if would be better to understand what I believe in and if that suits your cause, then we can talk business.

So what percentage of raise are you expecting ?

It’s not about the standard raise out there in the market, it’s always about how much I am going to bring to the table to you and your business. I would be open to hear how much would you value the experience and knowledge I will bring to your team. Thus, I will leave the space blank for you to fill and convey to me.

If you passed your college in 2014, how come you have 6 years of experience ?

During my college, I had been freelancing as a design consultant to some of the product and service based companies, thus, gaining more knowledge about design.

How many years of experience do you have excluding your freelance contractual things ?

You cannot neglect or remove the knowledge I gained during my freelance career, nor can you overlook the fact that I had dedicated my time to serving freelance clients and would like to state that it counts on my career chart, and thus, will stick with the statement that I have 6+ years of experience behind me.

Are you fine with Relocation ?

Yes, I am cool with relocating to any city till the opportunity is enticing and is something that I might have not tried before. Adventure to solve a new problem ignites my passion for designing better solutions.

Any job type preferences ?

I prefer to work with product based firms, as I like to revisit concepts and implementations and rethink, refine, polish, and solve the problem with a newer and more data driven, user-centric, approach wherever possible. It helps me to learn about the new usage patterns of the users, and gain more profit both for my users and the business team.

How long is your notice period and is it negotiable ? Is there are buy-out clause ?

My notice is a month long, and yes there is a buy-out clause. Sadly, there is no negotiation on the notice period duration.

Are you looking out for a change actively ? Why do you want to leave your current job ?

I am pretty happy with my current employer and the responsibilities I have here. Still, I am always open to hear about the new opportunities that offer something interesting for a full-time or a freelance part. Who knows if something interesting crosses my path I may very well decide to take up the new challenge that is in store for me.

Why should we hire you ?

If you are looking for someone to bring a UX decision making maturity with a better understanding of the business and the metrics, then you need a person who can keep your end-users happy and your business partners happier. Luckily, that person has written this answer just to let you know whom to hire for such a job.

Can we please have your portfolio and your resume ?

You can find both my resume and the portfolio on my personal website

Job-role Related Queries

We have a position below your current profile, will you be interested ?

If the designation is a downgrade from my current profile, and if you are coming to me for the job offer, I would still be fine with joining but the monetary benefits should compensate for the downgrade.

We are looking for a designer cum developer, will you be fine with it ?

I am fine with both design and development parts of UI/UX. But please make sure that your offered package also does justice to the knowledge I am going to put to use at your firm, helping you to achieve your goals better and faster. But yeah, I prefer jobs that don’t expect me code as a necessity.

Do you know about A/B Testing? Have you applied the same ?

Yes, I am aware of and have also made use of A/B Testing to help some of my colleague product managers run some tests on modules that we thought need to be tested for the overall improvement of the products on what they were deployed at.

What do you think of material design and apple human interface guidelines ?

I have studied and implemented both material design and apple human interface guidelines on quite a lot of projects and have seen their positives and negatives in the long run. Though I love both the design systems, I find Apple’s guidelines much more useful when it comes to real life.

What is your process of designing solutions ?

I have a very simple solution crafting process, which is as follows:

  1. Understanding the Problem Statement
  2. Metrics definition that need to be impacted
  3. Solution Brainstorming
  4. Crafting the Experience and Information Architecture
  5. Wireframing and Usability Testing
  6. Once approved, improving the overall Interaction Pattern for the application
  7. Defining UI Guidelines
  8. Crafting the UI
  9. Prototyping
  10. Usability Testing
  11. Final Design patches
  12. Design Documentation
  13. Design Handoff
  14. Start looking out for a new problem to solve

Some questions I am always curious to know about my employers/clients…

Why do you want to hire a designer?

What is current design team size? if small why not an average one?

Who will be I reporting to? Who will I be working with?

Out of 10 how much will your rate your development team? Is there any portfolio of your developers that I can see?

What are the future initiatives, in the pipeline or in discussion phase that should excite and entice me to join you guys?

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