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What Medium did right when it comes to Blogging

I have been using some blogging sites in the past, including the likes of Wordpress, Blogger, Medium, etc. and there are some really fascination user experience differences in each one of them. The major point that can actually make something hot or totally crap to the rest of the world.

Being a User Experience designer I tend to be more inclined towards things that serve their purpose in a much more simpler and better way as compared to the ones that go round and round about hell lot of other things before actually being able to find their way to the parts that are of utmost importance.

Wordpress and Medium, two of the best Blogging websites / products that I have ever encountered are made for totally different reasons and audiences. One is hugely customisable and packed with the most amount of generalised toolset, offering you tons of different ways to do things, no matter what industry they might belong to. From blogs to webshops can be created using the aid of different customization options available on it. On the other hand, the other focuses just around the blogging world and makes sure that reading, writing and sharing blogs is not a rocket science anymore

Rather than talking about the differences there between the two blogging world giants I would like to put up some points that actually make me prefer Medium over the likes of Wordpress.

Starting with the most important thing that Medium did right, and that would be the focus on the overall user-experience with everything built around blogging and bloggers. Blogging is about reading and keeping things as much distraction free as possible. Medium uses the simplistic black and white interface mostly relating to the newspapers a person is used to reading everyday. Customisation is often offered to the users to support their cause of achieving better representation of text putting in images, videos, audios, etc.

Simple features that generally catch the eye are the quick edit options present in the pop-over that only appears when you are really looking ahead at editing something on the screen, i.e., when you select some text on the interface. Want to add some media, well all you need to do is to go to a new paragraph, and wallah!, you get the option to add something using a simple ‘+’ icon on the very left of the content space.

Other than just the editing part, you now have the ability to host a publication that can contain articles and multiple editors and authors can collaborate together, work together. Also, the ability to discuss on certain extracts of the blog allows for a better way of discussing as you right away know what is being talked about, and revert back to conversations in a better manner.

I am seriously loving this new un-rivaled king of the blogging sector and many websites (with the likes of Facebook included), are taking this super simple and cleaner concept of blogging, content publishing into account, as it seems quite clear in the new design of ‘Notes’ on Facebook.

I am not quite sure how Medium will pan out overall but I’m quite sure, that it is actually capitalising on the mistakes that Wordpress did and thus is focusing more on the User Experience rather on presenting hell lot ways to customise the site.

Yeah, it has a long way to go. But is sure seems to be going on the right path.
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