Building Sri Sri Radha Govindaji’s Simhasana in Navadvipa

Gopal Prabhu, who built simhasana for Navadvipa, Rup-Sanatan, Kolkata and other Gaudiya Mathas, is carving new teakwood simhasana for SGGM, Houston for more than one year. During this year Navadvipa parikrama, several Houston devotees met him to discuss and check the progress. This is a status report documenting some of the details for the benefit of our community.

Existing Simhasana with three Chambers in SGGM, Houston

Existing Simhasana

The central chamber is 92 inches pillar to pillar, the other two are 80 inches each. The height from the floor to the start of the top carving at the side is 72 inches for the middle chamber, and 70 inches for the Gaura-Nitai and Ram darbar chambers.

Teak Wood Simhasana Currently Being Built in Navadvipa

Intricate carvings cover the arches on top and the pillars.

Closer View of the Carvings in the Arches

Srila Gurudeva’s Vyasasana shown below is 80 inches tall and 45 inches wide. Srila Gurudeva’s murti (approximately 3 ft tall in sitting posture just like one in Navadvipa) will be installed inside the chamber.

Srila Gurudeva’s Vyasasana

Once the gorgeous teakwood simhasanas arrive in Houston temple, they will be assembled here. Then the deities of The Lordships will be placed with appropriate worship. Similarly, Srila Gurudeva will be installed in His simhasana with proper worship. Please contact Tarunkrsna Das if you are interested in participating in these installation ceremonies.