Technology Causing Teens to Lose Sleep! Why?

Today being on our electronics feels like it’s a must and that we have to be on it so we can stay up to date with the world and what’s going on. The most important thing teens need is sleep. It’s what helps them perform better in school, activities, sports, etc. Our phones, laptops, and televisions can be quite useful or appropriate to use at certain times but a study shown below shows the effects of it.

Now you’re probably thinking why did the people who read printed books not get affected like the ones who had the Ipads. It says it in the article. The light! It’s amazing how that is a big key to sleep! The light is what keeps you awake and alert and gives you that picture in your head that keeps those melatonin levels going! It’s incredible!

Now people will say I can fall asleep fine without my phone and I can sleep with out it on. All these people I guarantee sleep with their phones and tablets a foot away from them on a desk or underneath their pillows. You rarely find someone that will put their phone outside their room at night. I know someone will sit there and say, “I have my phone by my bed so I can set an alarm for the morning.” LIES!!! I’m sure they have it in their for an alarm and such yes I do believe that. But are they saying they are only having it their room for alarms? They aren’t checking social media or texting someone for two hours before they put that alarm up? ;) KGW from Portland has a great article about this down below.

Can you try it? Can you go to bed at night without getting on your phone and looking at social media or texting people back? For me it would be very hard because I love using my phone. That positives of it are being able to fall asleep faster and get the rest you need to perform and also to help lose that attraction of you to your phone. College students hardest things these days are getting sleep. You want to know why? Technology, and then it creates stress and then you can’t sleep or perform becasue you’re tired and stressed out.