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Jamie Foxx in his Oscar-winning role as Ray Charles

Everyone has witnessed the “Ray Charles Moment” at some point in their life.

It’s that amazing, silent, moment, when you as a listener, viewer, witness, or simply observer, are listening to a storyteller and within your mind; the storyteller becomes the story. There is no longer a dividing line between the storyteller and the character. They have become one… and you, being of clear mind, completely join them in that belief.

My most notable memory of this phenomenon was watching the 2004 biopic, “Ray”, starring Jamie Foxx. In one brief moment in the film, I forgot I was watching Jamie and began to “see” Ray Charles, embodied. Jamie, who I don’t particularly love as a personality, completely poured himself into this character. He embodied that character so very much that he “became” that story. For this dedication, Jamie Foxx won an Oscar; the film industry’s highest and most coveted award. Jamie, by committing his heart and mind, took me and every other viewer with him. …


Tanner Bechtel

Innovator, Storyteller, Strategist, and Songwriter. Business Unit Leader at

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