The Art of Standing Your Ground

Way too often in life we’re told that we’re wrong. Quite often, they’re right; we need to be corrected, guided, and led. Many times, however, we’re right. If you reflect on the great ideas of humanity, you’ll begin to realize that when great change was afoot, the world tried to stop iconoclastic thinking. Davinci, the Wright Brothers, advancement in medical science, technology, business, and psychology — they’ve all been battered by the storm of judgement, pressure, and conventional limitation — but all persevered, to all our benefit.

In the last few weeks, I’ve dealt with some incredibly challenging situations that have led me to question my own beliefs, and in many cases, begin the process of conceding my position to what seems like a mountain of contrary judgement. “If I’m the only one that believes this way, then it must be wrong.” That bell rang in my mind, much too often.

On a walk, last night, with a close confidant, I was treated to a dressing down of my character and my pedigree from an outside perspective. She was sharp, astute, and incredibly detailed about my perspectives, my strength, and my ability to drive change when change was contrary to the way the world I lived in operated.

She made me understand that if I — if we as thinkers and innovators — wish to change the world in which we operate, we must first be strong enough to believe in the truth that we have come to know and worked arduously to establish. I awoke this morning with a new perspective; I look at what I know and what I believe as a highly valuable asset that must be protected. Covered in the rain, held fast in the wind, and delivered at any cost. We as the stewards of change must hold on to the idea that, by our very nature, we are destined to weather storms, alone, at times. We have crafted our minds and our capabilities to think outside of the proverbial box and to challenge convention.

If you are a thinker, a change agent, a lover, a fighter, or simply a believer; carry on with your entrepreneurial spirit. Realize that often, the leader you’re seeking to find to help you carry out your iconoclastic and far reaching ideas is often the leader you’re seeing in the mirror’s reflection. Carry on, my steadfast giants of industry, your brethren is rooting for you.

Innovator, Storyteller, Strategist, and Songwriter. Business Unit Leader at

Innovator, Storyteller, Strategist, and Songwriter. Business Unit Leader at