Balance as a Software Engineer
Jaymes Downer

The comparison of being a “bad ass programmer” or a “middle-of-the-barrel programmer who has other things going on in life” is vague, and may not be a fair measuring stick for success. First, who is calling you a “bad ass programmer”? Or alternatively who is calling you a “middle-of-the-barrel programmer”? How are they judging that? Or more likely are those just self evaluations?

We talked about it today, the technology changes daily, hourly, monthly — all the time. There are two things that are important, neither are regarding “keeping up-to-date” nor include the words technology or programming:

  1. In business, providing value — you might be as specific to say providing a great product. No one cares about the how, they only care about the what and the why — the how is temporal and is only the means to get to the “what”
  2. In life, showing value — specifically to those you love. Letting them know how much they mean, and that means spending time with them.

#2 is way more important. I think we get too caught up on details and the race, when simplicity provides the answer. Who cares who calls us “the best” or “the middle” or “the worst”? Again, I believe we are the ones passing judgment on ourselves — and really everyone else is also too busy self evaluating to spend time passing judgment on me or you.

Let’s pursue the simple. And in that find the real meaning in how we spend our time. Let’s provide value to those we love, and work hard, and leave the racing thoughts behind — no one is keeping track.

Thanks for writing this Jaymes Downer