Left the self to connect with the infinite.

It is only through the nothingness that we may connect with the source.

Once we do, we gain instant insight, clarity and comfort.


At first it is not easy. It is uncomfortable and it takes discipline. But through the uncomfortable, strange silence we grow. And as we grow the light that shines from our soul grows equally.

Once we fully expose ourselves the the powers that be two things may happen.

  • Potential one is selfish and desires to use the powers for “I”.
  • Potential two is selfless and desires to do only one thing Love.

Stay humble and honored; this preciousness gift is only for the strongest and wisest. Few are even granted the opportunity to see a glimpse of this universal truth.

This gift is both your pleasure and your bourdon, for now that you are one it is your duty to bring forth the potential in others.

Once chosen you must ride the wave that picked you up with grace. For you are special and you are kind and you too are needed.



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