Success is such a self determined thing.

Often times we set our sights on something and then let it leave us as if we never had a chance in the first place.

But I have to say, we do have a chance and it is more less a choice.

The hardest part is figuring out what success means to you and then of course tackling the desired dream, goal or aspiration itself.

See just like that I make it something bigger than me or you all together, like it is its own being that we try to become. This I find interesting because our dreams goals and aspirations are in fact our best selves that resonate. Meaning it is already in us. How can I say such a thing? Well it is who we are in our future and if our future depends on our present actions then if my present actions alone then I am already striving in line meaning it is not me that is changing anymore it is my surrounding that is taking so long to adapt to my truths.

Maybe that makes sense to you maybe it doesn’t either way I find it to be one of the truths I live by.

But either way I will continue by saying it is not impossible. We often make it harder on ourselves for being bigger skeptics then the strangers we share our ideals with.


Because it’s easy to be a skeptic, it’s easy to quit, it’s easy to give into the temptations of distractions.

It’s hard to stay on one path for an extended period of time “especially when we relate to the universal time” , it’s hard to do something when no immediate results are seen “but in fact every time you act in the direction you desire, true change does happen we just don’t always see it immediately”, it’s hard to think that out of all the people in the world, we do matter and what we do and think and say does make a difference.

The thing is I am here to tell you “you do matter and what you do and say does make a difference and you can achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations.”

But it will take time, action on a persistent basis and a vision that veers slightly throughout the entire journey.

The growth strategies I implement everyday help me stay focused on my vision and I know they can help you too.

Here is one I’ll share with you.

Write a letter to your 85 year old self. I encourage you to first, think about how you hope to feel when 85.

Accomplished? Fulfilled? Ect.

Now in your present self write to that self, the one that achieve everything you set out for! Note how you will feel, what you are happy you did in your life, ect.

Then keep that note in a very sacred place. For me I keep it in my LifeBox. If ever you find yourself down reconnect with your note to your 85 year old self.

Good luck my friends!

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