An open survey response to the owners of GoCar Tours in San Francisco.

August 14th 2016.

We prepaid and reserved a car for 2 hours upon referral from some close family members for our anniversary. When we got there, we were assigned what looked like the worst car on the lot. It was so bad that I even tried to get one of your staff to swap out for a a safer one. They refused so we carried on. When we got on the road, we cranked the volume up so we could hear the gps voice, but even with the volume up all the way, we found out that only one speaker actually worked. It was difficult to hear even over the terrible engine noise going only 5 mph.

Once you accelerated to over 10 miles an hour, the car became unstable, not to my surprise. The engine mount felt extremely out of place and at 30 mph, the car was almost uncontrollable. About half way through the tour, our other speaker went out, so we had to find our own way back to the shop.

After arriving back at the shop, our car was given a massive red X by the workers. I assume this meant it was in need of some massive repairs.

Afterwards, we described the situation to the workers about our car and we were then told that because we had prepaid, there was nothing that could be done in terms of a refund.

This was quite unsettling, since we felt penalized for doing you a favor by scheduling ahead.

After waiting for about 15 minutes for an employee to figure out what she could do to help us out, our small insurance fee was waved. A measly few dollars, however, does not make up for an unsafe and unflattering experience.

I really wanted a reason to believe the company standards posted on your walls (the ones that state that the customer always comes first and that you pay attention to the details), but I don’t think you you deserve that status or the values listed on your walls at this point.

I felt terrible for the foreigner you had working the checkout desk who apparently had no opportunity or power to turn an unfortunate experience into a good one.

We’re reasonable people, and all we wanted was to have a reasonably good time.

I hope to hear of some changes.

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