React-Move gains support for per-item transition duration/easing

This may be a trivial and insignificant announcement for some, but for others, this is HUGE.

Up until now, React-Move’s Transition component would uniformly apply duration and easing across all items. It also had an extremely rigid interruption strategy that would almost always result in items changing duration, speed, and relative inertia when they shouldn’t.

No more of that nonsense!

Transition is now extremely intelligent. When issuing updates to your data or props, only items that are affected will change, while unaffected items will continue on their original timing and trajectory. This also means that items have gained their own animation properties!

Finally your items can have their own unique and dynamic duration and easing !

To see these new features in action, test out any of the existing Transition Examples, or the new Dynamic Duration and Dynamic Easing examples.


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