UCD Charrette

A blog processing the designs and ideas that were generated during HCDE 210 Studio time on the 13th of January.

I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the studio. In front of me lied tables with three chairs surrounding them. I proceeded to sit down at an empty one and write my name on the whiteboard surface of the table. I waited as the room began to fill up and we began to introduce ourselves to each other. Fast forward two hours and we had developed a navigation system for a deaf man driving an RV.

We started by all coming up with idea of different types of people who would drive cars and what cars they would drive. Then each group of three was assigned a driver and a vehicle. The project I work on for the longest amount of time was for a deaf man driving a RV. We decided that it might be hard for him to get navigation because he could not conduct voice commands. We also needed the system to be displayed in an area where the man could see it. He can not listen to directions because of his hearing loss.

At the end we had developed a screen that was projected onto the window shield in front so the driver could see it without removing his eyes from the road. It also has go to directions that he can select with buttons on the dashboard. We struggled being able to display our ideas because we kept getting caught up to the details.

Looking back I wish as a group we were more able to focus on the generalities instead of trying to fill out every detail of the product. In the future I hope to be able to better communicate my ideas to the group and express them in a prototype. I look forward to many more opportunities like this!

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