Why Conor McGregor will beat Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor is a myth among legends. If you followed Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC you would know of his popularity and beautiful fighting style. On August 26 he is set to fight one of the greatest boxers of all time, in Floyd “Money” Mayweather, inside a boxing ring and this will no doubtedly be his greatest task to date. Unfortunately for Floyd, there is nobody on the planet with the kind of mental warfare that Conor possesses. Pair that with a physical superiority to most, that presents a devastating combination to any that has the unfortunate luck to be in his path. -Chad V.

Size and Youth

He is currently 22–3 in MMA and on a tear through the fighting community. His left hand has been referred to as the kiss of death because of its brutal knockout power and I feel that Floyd will experience that first hand come August 26. According to the UFC, Conor McGregor is 28 years old, 5'9", with a reach of 74 inches. Floyd Mayweather is shorter, older(by 12 years) and has a shorter wingspan and that is why I believe Conor will win this match. Conor famously stated that his fist is bigger than Mayweathers head, and this is almost true. Floyd Mayweather is not a naturally big man by any means and he most likely walks around much smaller than the Irish man.


Conor Mcgregor

Money is everything to these two fighters, but just a short 4 years ago, Conor took a welfare check in his native Ireland and now he is worth over 34 million dollars. This is not a drop in the bucket to Floyds 350 million, but considering Conors age, he has much room to catch up. Conor is the type of person that fore sees his future without letting anything get in his way. If you know anything about him(and even if you don’t), you will find out that he prepares extremely well for his competition and with a fight of this magnitude, I could only imagine how hard he is working right now. Feeling the need to succeed, Conor will do whatever it takes to succeed, even if that means working every day to achieve what he sets out for.

My Thoughts On The Fight

Two weight world champion

I feel Conor will win but in order to achieve that goal he has to put Floyd away early, having Floyd around too long will make it much more difficult for our man Mr. McGregor and it will significantly cut his chances of a win. Although some people are trashing this fight as just a way for them to make money, and by make money I should have stated A LOT of money… like $100,000,000 each kind of money. However, most people are excited for this match up and have been waiting for quite awhile for this fight to actually happen. This should be an exciting fight for not only MMA fans and boxing fans, but fans of many different backgrounds as both fighters bring enormous crowds. Comment below on who you think is going to take this fight and why!