A Culture Promoting Rape

Recently, rape has been a talk-about issue. Daily newspapers to TV news, it became a news segment like sports, politics or international news. Though unexpected, it became a sort of our cultural trends. Whereas we are supposed to be talking about the stories of our glory and victory, there we find ourselves more engaged in discussing awful issues like this. As a woman of this country, my heart cried when I have started writing about rape which is getting to be a phenomenon now a days.

We all might hear about the very recent rape incidence that took place at ‘rain tree hotel’ in Banani. This scenario getting common and became old stories . Look few years back to the incidence of pohela baishakh day at TSC, open rape at Public Street still kills us in shame. We still remember the name-Shohagi Jahan Tonu, who has died being rape victim.

Now let us analyze how culture is promoting rape in our country. And why the incident of banani is super hit today! How a rape story continues after being reported in media is also a question. Are those victims getting in the limelight or just portraying more amusement to mass, question remains. So we have incorporated this tendency of women being abused in a manner that we remain prepared. This has a far reaching influence in social deterioration which developed because of lack of trust and justice, full of misinterpretation, chaos and unrest. Say for example, most of our people foul mouth relating physical abuse or taboo.

I think these type of behavior is partially insisting. Sometime we give slogans to express our rejoice like “raping opponent” as like a phrase. Public language has incorporated “khaia felmu” parallel with “fuck”,”hit on” etc as a fashion . Even this is very shocking for us that today’s girls are also using those words. Since we do not stop the provoking words, rape continues.

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