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I think its important to always be able to provide feedback. I’ve left a review about a somewhat negative experience, but mainly because I’d been to the practice for at least 2 years, so I feel that my experience there has justified my overall critique. I was very frustrated with the care I was getting and the office never once asked me for a survey to express my own opinions about my experience. So I sought online avenues to perhaps help someone else make an informed decision.

I think with health, it is very important to be upfront about issues that you are having because overall health affects a person’s life! So I think that feedback should be taken seriously. I do think it is not fair when a person leaves a negative review just to be mean and spiteful, but I think doctor’s can learn about how to respond to these negative reviews if they think they’re diagnosis was justified. It’s better to show that you can turn a wrong into a right, doesn’t that mean that your degree makes you a justified and qualified person?

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