Google Daydream — The Alibaba’s cave that’s about to be opened

A common trait of business giants is to compete more with themselves than anyone else. Apple bears a trait of that, a decision that they took when the killed the hugely popular iPod with the iPhone and changed the market forever.

It seems we will be witnessing a similar history in the days to come as Google creates the next level of engagement by redefining the way people view Youtube with the Daydream library. Earlier this year, Google announced the Daydream in the Google I/O. An apt continuation of the Cardboard initiative, Daydream is about to be the center of attention for Virtual Reality very soon. A single store that will allow users to experience VR as well as act as the single point go to place to download apps and content. Google has been investing a lot in the Daydream initiative and is partnering with content creators from Youtube and other sources. Hulu, HBO, MLB and NBA are some of the names that are bringing their content to Daydream. (Man! Are we impressed!!). So, it’s only a matter of time before Anthony Hopkins walks out of the screen of Westworld and greets us in person.

To add to it, a recent update to Google’s Android OS, Nougat, also makes it Daydream compatible.

While most VR enthusiasts have concentrated on the nature of headsets and the intricacies of that, Google has concentrated on what brings all of them together in a single platform. It’s only a matter of time, before the right headset matches with the platform and the experience appears seamless. Even then, Google will turn out to be the prime beneficiary with its large pool of content. Apparently, Google has also developed a controller that mobile users will be able to use along with their headsets. So, what you have is a winning combination — a single market for games, content and apps as well as a single platform that is compatible across multiple devices.

As per a recent report by IDC, the combined AR and VR market is about to balloon from $5.2 Billion in 2016 to $162 Billion by 2020. And Google is all ready to take it on.

It is also an interesting piece of news for India. With high bandwidth coming at a reasonable cost through the Reliance Jio and cheaper smartphones taking over the market, we are waiting to see the inclusiveness that Daydream is about to provide as high level educational content comes through VR right to the schools we are only waiting to see what this Alibaba’s cave have in store for education.

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