Feeling complete

i had been really living in past from 7 years .i had been living and wishing the same sweet 16 and same opportunity .i tried years to come over the lost opportunities,the bad luck,the misery and failure. no matter what i kept on losing hope and went on losing many things.i lost great friends and some close ones.i developed nothing good in me.i developed rage,envy,anger,impatience,despair in me. i participated in a race but i lost and i kept losing every race and every opportunity since then .because i wanted to WIN that one race.so many loss and i felt i am like a loser.i continually went down to dark tunnel got mislead but this day have come to me.i made my mind that i will be happy and then i learned smiling.i need something to be happy i thought but got nothing and i went on thinking but got nothing.i always felt emptiness inside but later i came to know this was not just because of one competitive failure, the other reason was that i lost my close friend because she was over proud of winning the race and i felt complex.today years later when i talked her,i felt nothing has change .we are still the same.i love her.i love my sis.i never knew that.COMPLETENESS is because no matter we lose or win we always want some special one to understand and care about.today i know that human being are insatiable and i am most.but we have to learn being happy of what we made our best to and this is how I FEEL COMPLETE .

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