My Love Story

It all started the day when I broke up with a guy who didn’t deserve me.I loved him for sure.But I was not enough convinced why he could be so like all men. Well might be he fault was not too big but cheating on someone you love is not possible. He didn’t love me. He was the usual asshole. He was a flirt I knew but with a friend of mine? I broke up without listening to his side story, why should I after all I saw everything . That girl showed me all texts and calls. She told me everything and my guy kept his silence.

4 months later…

I don’t give a shit! I am a happy single wonderful cheerful lady and certainly and independent one. My heart is caged — all by me.But I am happy. It is 25th Nov already and my favorite month is about to come.

I have a roommate Ankita Singh.Actually we both own this 3 sitter room of our College’s hostel. We had just kicked out our 3rd annoying roomie- obviously Unintentionally.


We both were lying on our bed holding our phone chatting with some buddies. I was chatting with one of my lost friend- Sharad. I don’t know how I lost a great friend but somewhere I did. He is a great guy, I am telling you. I have been talking to him since 4 years but there is always lot to know about him. He is sweet simply- a nice guy who respects and cares for everyone i suppose secretively. I never knew if he did cared for me until he connected me with his friend.

I saw his whatsapp dp. It was great. I and sharad use to talk about our lives , his doll and my “life”. I always used to tease him for Monika- his someone special.

That day his dp had two boys- the right side of him was more than hot said my roomate. It was after 4 months of being strong,I was trapped by the charm of “that guy”. And then I and my roommate started rating them! So jobless ? Aren’t we? We started with “that guy” he was out 10/10. My roomate was just in a mood of fun and I guess so was I. Was I?

Ankita asked me what “that guy” name was? I said that I have no idea. So I asked Sharad to tell me that handsome guy name.Yes! exactly this is how I talk to him, simply being what I am.

Almost all the time, he kept denying that he is not telling me his name, find if you want to- he tricked me. I had no option but to find the name because ankita and I were in full mood of craziness.

Sharad-He is a friend and business partner.

Me: Name please.

Sharad: I am not gonna tell you.

Because you also didn’t tell me that girls name I asked you :P

Me: Aashana okay! Now please tell his.

Sharad: No use now :p

Me: huhhhhh!!

Sharad: Kapil Arya

Me: ❤❤

Now what do you think was my next step?

Facebook obviously!!!

I made facebook search.


“Confirm Friend Request”-Kapil Arya

Mutual Friend- Sharad Bansal.

Fuck!! Am I so lucky ?

Shall I accept?

Oop! I just did. Actually till then “we did.”

How quaint is that I and ankita go totally crazy when together.

That was 8 P.M. in the night.

to be continued..