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Courage is not faith

The majority of people tend to think that someone commits a courageous act with a blind faith in an idea, project, business, love, you name it. But truth is faith is the last thing you should have in an idea, project, business, love, you name it.

Faith is the desirable imagination that something will turn our way. That stuff will miraculously face our way, maybe because we are a sort of God’s darling. Well guess what, 99,9% of the time that’s not even going to be close to happening.

That’s why people mistake the concepts of faith and courage. Because people think that you need an irrational believe in you, yourself and your ideas in order to bring them on track. What they don’t know is that faith is stopping you completely from being successful. Faith is the opposite of an open mind, an open heart and what’s more important, two big open ears and two big open eyes. So if you think your faith in yourself is going to get you out of this one, stop thinking and continue reading.

What you are looking for, my dear friend, is courage. What you haven’t had all of this time when faith was pushing you forward is a pinch of courage. Because courage is so much difficult to show than faith. Because courage doesn’t mean we’re right, it doesn’t even mean we are on the right direction, it means we have the guts and the will to surpass any situation our business or we can face. Not now, maybe in the future, but courage means you will face it. And most of the entrepreneurs I know think they’re too beautiful to destroy their face in front of a problem. Well facing things means that, welcome to reality, breaking your face in front of an idea, project, business, love or you name it, is courage.

If you are faithful on your full time job, your boss, your comfort zone, your friends, family and all that brings you alive in general, you my friend are a complete coward. If what makes you stand up of bed every morning is the sole thought that things are good as they are because your faith in those values attaches everything together like interstellar chords, you are a complete coward. If, on the other hand you are working towards something bigger, let’s say happiness, self-concern, critical thinking, culture analyzing or a seek for an everyday change in all the things that surround you because you know that nothing in this nature will never be perfect, then my friend you are on track.

It only takes courage to face it.

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