like a bee approaching a flower

Once upon a time, there was an eagle that hatched from an egg.

However, the egg was placed among chickens. The eagle was far away from its parents (Mama or Papa or both or neither, who knows. G!D knows and I do not know. Ya. G!D knows and I do not know)

And mama of chicken took little eagle (“eagle-chen” for a nickname in this story) into care of mama of chicken.

Mama-chicken took great care of eagle-chen, treating it like its children.

So eagle-chen was raised — oh, so sad, so sad — eagle-chen was raised like a chicken, or a chick that becomes a chicken, and never knew how to fly (like an eagle) T’was a sad story — oh, that it were an eagle, oh! How greatly sorrowful!

Mysterious marks that look like a bee approaching a flower

She bangs / she bangs o is G!D woman or man / think for a moment / and you’re dead / is this Heaven / or Hell / think for a moment / and / you’re dead / HA!

Dear Diary,

How are you? May peace be with you with you, in the name of [or on the behalf of] the Lord [of ours], Jesus Christ.

Although I am persecuted, a reading of the [g]ospel might be as enlightening for you as it was for me: ‘If the world hates you, remember that the world hated [M]e before you.’ (Jn 15:18, Christian Community Bible)

G!d brought my non-Christian [‘]parents[‘] to me in the evening. I was feeling blessed and later, sad and sorrowful and confused. G!d gave me the opportunity so my [‘]parents[‘] and I spent the time with [them] reading newspapers, eating fruits (which I gave thanks to G!d for[,] [for] blessing me). Reflecting, I want to give thanks to G!d for blessing the three of us, and the rest of us who are residing at the wards of Institute of Mental Health, for our daily bread, food, water, clothing and shelter, and meat in the evening , and fruits for for the three of us (my [‘]father[‘], my [‘]mother[‘] and myself) Amen.


I was sorrowful at letting Christ go to his Father; while I meditated, tears came

from the writer: [Mister Chopra addressed this somewhere — on a web-site maybe, of course, with G!D’s help, that’s one way to cope with changes that arise with spiritual growth… flower bear fruit, might be painful to bear fruit maybe, hm :-) (smiling)]

I felt like pressure inside me had been released. I know I ought to be glad, but Jesus would be going (and while loving me) and coming to you

The writer, or editor, if you will, is undecided whe’er to correct- oops- suggest the word ‘going’ instead of ‘coming’ — suffice to say that in a book that’s entitled “Praise to a formless god” it is written that “No coming, no going.” Another portion — oh G!D help me to keep from becomin’ proud — is that “is the fruit latent in the seed? is the seed latent in the fruit?” Another still, yet, from G!D-knows-who-and-I-do-not-know :
Chicken lays an egg / Who would have held pee in, oh! / How ridiculously simple!

I’m glad [Oh] I’m glad. I’m glad. I’m not sad, Christ is loved.

Talk to you [a]nother time, beloved.

Thank you, Jesus. May the Christ be blessed.

In Christ’s love.

mark that looks like the letter ‘G’. (‘mark’, as in hand-writing) ‘G’ for good, maybe :-)