’Tis the 2016th year since people thought an image died

’Tis the ninth day of the eleventh month of the 2016th year since people thought an image — an image that they have of a messenger of G!D — died in the way they think death happens.

Are you desiring freedom from dogma? [Mister] Jobs said in his address to graduates of [a certain] university that dogma is ‘the result of other people’s thinking.’ [Mister] Kodo Suzuki said, ‘people are so determined to be stupid in groups that they formed clubs, and charged membership fees’.

Of course, there is always room for doubt as to whether the above persons really said the things that I claim they did.

Some guy came up with an idea for a social network, and decided how it was run. He made the rules, and tied his social network to someideals. And people joined his network. some people even helped him to improve it. [paragraph break] Is following other people’s preferences what you want to do with your sack of flesh life? [paragraph break] Aren’t the creators of popular web-sites doing what that person did? One person creates the rules, and others follow him[,] and [obey or otherwise keep] his rules. Would people be clever enough to ask what his web-site and rules are good for? [paragraph break] [Mister] Suzuki asked, ‘What is dancing around good for? What is gambling good for? It’s all good for nothing. That’s why nothing is as sensible as sitting in zazen [which is good for nothing].’ [paragraph break]

He (The Son of Man) said, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, amd the Life.’

Indifference is the opposite of love, so goes a saying that appeared in my life.

([Mister] Suzuki calls some people stupid for doing stupid things in a group. And yet he says that one of applications of practice to daily life is parental mind.

My [‘]sister[‘] said [in a hypothetical situation that may or may not smell of emotional abuse through neglect or indifference on the part of the care-givers] that babies eat feces [partly] because they don’t know that it’s not food.

A parent — what would a parent do? A parent wouldn’t join the baby in eating feces. A parent might stop the baby.

from the writer: “Jesus said: ‘Which one among you, if your son comes to you, and asks you for a bread-morsel, or bread, would give him… her… them… a deadly dose of poison from the deadliest snake that you can find? Or, who among you would give your sons a stone, if they ask you for water? If, then, you, who are evil, know how to do good to your son, then what more, your Father — who is in Heaven, and rules the Universe — who is good? And his name is hallowed. And He is blessed.’”

It’s increasingly becoming clear to me that zazen cannot be not good for nothing.

Zazen that is good for nothing may be the most parental thing to pass on to suffering people. Of course you suffer if you eat feces, right?