Pampered, privileged and annoying as hell: why SJW’s need to borrow a clue
Pete Ross

Excellent article! I am so glad I came across it as it seems to have formulated what in my own head was merely a floating, incoherent impression about what is wrong with all, as you name it, SJW culture.

I know a few people who have said “If someone makes a racist joke, I cut all ties with them as a person”. Now. I think that is, in words of Cher Horowitz, “way harsh”. But I think that represents this culture. One racist (or perceived as such) or sexist or ableist or otherwise poorly chosen joke / tweet / status post, and the entire person becomes equated with it.

I have plenty of homophobic or racist friends (sadly, this is still very common in Lithuanian society) and I try my best to educate them through discussion, to challenge their views, to spend hours upon hours discussing these topics with them, and maybe I won’t make much of a difference but this is still going to be better than me calling them pigs and deleting their numbers from my phone.

But then again, maybe I am just a silly peaceloving hippie and, you know, blinded by my white privillege.

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