Fitness trainers, Instagram community, and other “wellness” people, we need to talk.
Pete Ross

This was an interesting read and thank you for this article. I disagree with you on several important points.

(Diclaimer: I do not follow absolutely any of those people you wrote about because I find them annoying for the exact same reason, however I also do not think they should stop what they are doing, if it works for them).

  1. Nobody is making you follow these people. You only see their feeds if you subscribe to them. If they annoy you.. Why do it? You know what the real sign of not caring about something is? Not following the people that go on about it.
  2. Why should they “get a real job” or “be a porn star or a model” when they clearly make a good living doing what they love doing, i.e. being fit and taking pictures of themselves? They have a real job. It is looking nice and providing content that millions of followers like.
  3. As other commenters already pointed out. If they inspire even just one person to start exercising, make healthier food choices, and like themselves better, kudos to them. Who am I (or you) to judge.

I did think your piece was an enjoyable read in its own way though, because in a world filled with toned people drinking tea in yoga pants against pastel backgrounds, it is nice to hear it is ok not to see that as a goal.

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