Remember, God Always Has Plans For Our Life

Sometimes, I feel so confused about my life. Everything looks vague. What would I do in my life? Is it true something where i started now is that going to be my future? Or this is something that will give me a new lesson in my life?

I get so many questions in my mind, and I haven’t found the answer. Maybe you ever felt the same feeling. I tried so many things, starting from things that I like even things that I don’t like. I also tried to live in various environments, and I realize that I learned so many things from it although sometimes I ask to myself “God, what do you want to do? Should it be like this forever or will I find my right destinations someday?”

When I am confused, sometimes I think God never creates people without meaning. Why did God create us? Of course, that’s because God has purpose and meaning. Then what is the purpose of us to exist in this world? What we can give for our life and people around us is what we should have created. We take a role and make it something worthwhile for others, but unfortenately, we are just stuck in routine work without realizing what our role is. We are busy and forget to ask ourselves wether it is our role that we should take, or we just do our obligation and get our right?

For those of you who have found your role, certainly you’ll feel easier and get the path through this life, but in the reality, we need time, power, and patience to find our role. We need a process to find what we really want which is aligned with the purpose of our creation in this world.

As a young adult who is growing up and curious about creating ourselves, I always believe that everything which happens in our life is part of God’s plans. Wether we like it or not, we must go through it and understand what the meaning of it is. We have to believe that God has something to be delivered of any events.

For me and you who are still creating selves, believe that someday we will reach the finish. We smile and understand that everything which happens in our life is a beautiful God’s plan. Probably, we do not realize that all the things that we took like all the hardships, sadness, happiness, ease, are a process of forming a God’s plan to our goodwill.

Enjoy, do the best for everything, and take the meaning of any event. Slowly we keep looking and forming our role, and we also have to keep praying. Hopefully, whatever God planned is the best for ourselves and make us people who have better life quality than before and can give godness to people around us.

Remember! when you feel stuck in your life, belive that God always has the best plan for your life.