Paytm I’m sorry, I’m just a customer.

No matter how much big a company grows, MONEY stays their only object of concern. Like they say, they’re pros in marketing, leadership and business strategy and they’ll roam around the world to prove it. Why do Indian Startups fuck up when it comes to providing support? Don’t they think it is essential to have loyal customer base? Why do they fail to understand that growth is directly proportional to trust and loyalty towards customers? Well, this is quite common. You undeniably can’t grow stepping up on your customers back. Everything starts with the CUSTOMER.

Failing on this part, Paytm have compelled me to write my experience in a very low-spirited manner. I had booked a flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru from Paytm services. Two days ago, while I checked the status of my flight, my absolute negligence caused me to cancel the ticket accidentally. Quickly, I rushed for my phone and it took me 12 trails to get on a phone call with Paytm customer support executive care, only to get an unwelcome reply from him; “Sorry Madam, this can’t be reversed, your ticket is cancelled and there comes out to be no refund as per the cancellation charges rules. You’ll have to book again.” I tried talking to another executive after sometime but received the same reply. Okay. Fine. Go ahead with cancellation then. After trying hard for about 2 hrs, I realised nothing can be done and I went on to book another ticket. I booked (charges were high though).

But hey, my agony doesn’t end here. Almost an hour after I booked my new ticket, I received an email from Paytm Care team firmly stating that your ticket isn’t cancelled because of higher cancellation charges than your ticket fare.

Haha. Okay. Are you always this retarded? Or are you making a special effort today?

This time I had a hard luck getting them on a phone call and so I tweeted them.

Adding to my efforts, I also sent them an email ( But felt as if someone slammed his door on my face saying, “NOT NOW. WE’RE BUSY.” Dear Paytm, 24*7 customer support service doesn’t involve listening to the issues of customers and say sorry in return, surprisingly it takes more than that.

Paytm’s focus simply is to just get more people on board and not worry about providing support. A customer is a customer and not an adventurer. Until now I’ve just read about how Paytm fucks up when it comes to customer support. Sadly I realised it hard way today!

Then the time comes when they at least take pain in replying. Let’s have a look on what I had to ask and what they had to reply.

No Refund.
Fact Conveyed.

Actually, they find it quite difficult to understand the simple English. They had conveyed the fact that they don’t care and I, being the customer, had to understand the same.

There goes again a new loophole story of their disappointing service. Previously, they had mentioned that the cancellation fee (INR 2225) was higher than ticket fare (INR 2092) and there was no refund accordingly. But no, yesterday I got their message which is worth a read:

Magic! It’s cancelled.

Will you please explain me how the cancellation charges went down from Rs. 2225 to Rs. 1691? I agree, you do mistakes and this is why you’ve learnt to say sorry each time you get a complaint. Further, I’m actually confused in following points and I would love your assistance over these:

  1. Why did my ticket wasn’t cancelled previously?
  2. Why was I given false information from Paytm executives?
  3. Why the cancellation charges have decreased suddenly leading to the cancellation of my ticket?