Signing off on 2015…

First… HAPPY HAPPY 2016 to you all!!

As the curtains close on the year that was, a bit of a ramble about what transpired, is a given. The last 12 months has had its share of crests & troughs, so, here goes…

#1: New York: Living and working here this year was such a revelation. This is a city that is tough on you but always accepts who you are. The air is full of passion & ambition with a sense of reality, and the place is an ever so unraveling treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Love it and so excited to be here!

#2: Travel — This was the year of mini vacations; a sort of initiation into discovering places in the US — New Orleans in January; Portland, Maine in July; Seattle, Zion National Park & San Francisco in October. More to come on those…

#3: Broadway, MSG & the Museums: Saw WICKED (and it was wicked awesome)! Highly recommended to anyone visiting or staying in NYC. Watched the NY Rangers win at the Madison Square Garden Arena. The Met & MOMA — hosted some wondrous special exhibitions — China Through the Looking Glass and + Henri Mattisse: The Cut Outs respectively.

One word… Epic!

China Through the Looking Glass at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

#4: The Job Hunt: Now this was the challenge of the year…finding a new job, in fashion, that sponsors (yes that one), offers benefits and all that jazz. Didn't succeed yet and was at the receiving end of many a corporate rejection letters know the ones that begin with “We love your profile but we are sorry”…Ouch!

Looking back through the uphill climb, I met and spoke to some of the most wonderful people, gained some cherished friendships, did networking 101, learned to take the stabs and pinches a bit better, have some patience with myself and all in all stay positive! So thats what we will still be working on in 2016…

#5: Food & Drink: The essentials were elevated to no end in this very scrumptious year. It was the year of seeing Chef’s Table on Netflix…having my birthday dinner at Jean-Georges (Michelin ***), having Chef Abe serve us custom sushi at SushiDen, brunch at Balthazar, discovering a new delicious cuisine — Brazilian and settling on the favourite cocktail of the year — the classic Caipirinha.

#6: Style & Beauty : Yes, I am easing into my own skin now and have know for my current style sense — urban cool with a usually graphic twist. So whites & yellows for summer and blacks for winter have been a staple and a new favourite category is emerging — Sneakers!

Beauty wise it has been insane! It was unchartered territory so far , but this year I have been hooked on to beauty bloggers & you-tubers like Pixiwoo and Viviannadoesmakeup and of course Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury and Caroline Hirons. They have definitely been instilling a positive vibe and a whole lot of fun in my year and have helped me discover a whole plethora of skincare and makeup. Might seem a bit vain to a few, but to me its all about play, personality and putting your best face forward. Clearly Obsessed!

#7: Soul Searching: It really has been a well rounded year with some pretty amazing experiences. However, there have been some really sore moments (read rejection letters etc.) and teaching my mind to move on, have faith and stay positive has been tough. But as a pleasant surprise a slight shift in attitude is now leading me to more positive influences. One of them is a podcast called The Lively Show by the wonderfully soothing Jess Lively. It has really helped bring some sunshine into those weary days. So has a bit of self expression on @medium!

As you see, the year has been about adventure, uncertainty, food & retail therapy and so much more. I look back with gratitude for all the lessons, the wonderful people and influences that came by and step into 2016 with a fresh attitude and a bit of sparkle on my shoulder.

So cheers to a more mindful and wonderful year ahead!

Pictures: me + @vivramani | All products, experiences & opinions are my own.