The Snow-day…

~23rd January 2016~

As everyone knows, the crazy winter storm Jonas a.k.a #Blizzard2016 hit the East coast this weekend and evidently my Saturday was spent indoors, mulling over the weather with quite a few ‘omgs’ and ‘wows’ along the way…

A day in forced me to really unwind, be a bit goofy in the house and of course be grateful for the little things like hot chai, heating and a reasonably stocked refrigerator.

So here is what transpired…

Friday before the storm…Dash at the nearest grocery store. The closest one to me is Whole Foods, so thats where the prep started. It was one of the strangest grocery experiences ever — the bananas were gone, the marinated meat section was empty and the lines were looong! Oh well, I grabbed a few necessities — milk & fruit and some not so necessary things like 3 lbs of chicken…(clearly I was feeling the pressure)


Woke up to a scenic snowy morning… (I guess Jonas was just ‘warming up’) mixed myself a cocktail of warm water and lemon and mused about the week gone by and the the day ahead, sitting by the window. Strange how the simplest things, can let you relax and feel the moment, if you take the time. Well then in that spirit…on to hot chai and scrambled eggs with avocado…fresh & yum.

After the super breakfast, it was only proper to tackle the chores — laundry, dishes and a quick apartment clean…

That out of the way, time for some snowy Instagram photos. Sorry couldn't resist the temptation…I mean the blizzard of the year demands to be seen, right?

Moving along,on to a relaxing, at home (youtube enables) yoga session — Yoga with Adriene, to feel a new sense of calm and get set for lunchtime!

Post a quick lunch it was time for some youtube videos, old magazine reads, more tea and…a siesta! Luxuries… :)

Minor but important was some nail painting activity with my latest brand/colour obsession Smith & Cult — colour Lo-Fi.

Finally the ‘piece de resistance’ of the day was dinner…made by my better half, assisted by yours truly. The inspiration was Tasty Foods fun Mini Chicken Pot Pie recipe and the presence of the chicken and puff pastry sheets in the fridge. This took a while, but was super fun and the results were really delicious!

After that dramatic finale…I saved the closet cleaning and taxes for another stormy day. So all in all a day well spent, but Sunday was spent outdoors… putting to use my true blue Doc Martens with a bit of snow stomping… :)

Here’s wishing you all a warm and toasty January!

All pictures, experiences and opinions — mine.

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