I went out pimping on a fine Monday evening, bouncing from venue to venue we bump into a lot of fun girls but due to logistical issues we were just stuck with a phone number. Then at last we find 2 gals, we’re 3 guys and pull them to a bar nearby our pull location. Then as we’re having ordering beer one of the girls goes to the washroom and 15 minutes later comes back with tear in her eyes. She looks sad as fuck and she declares that one of her male orbiter friend is dead! And then I ask the other girl are you okay? She brushes it off coldly by saying, "I’m all good, anyways he had a crush on me!". Then it literally takes us 2 minutes to get her laughing again and partying as if nothing had happened! Then she’s going crazy trying to turn my friend on. Then it hit me that this whole drama was just to get some attention and some sympathy so that we can rub her back and say it’s okay. It got me thinking, "Damn these bitches are fucked up! ", "what’s the value of human life?" and the little meaningless life guys live orbiting around women who don’t give a “Flying Fuck” if they live or die the very next day!