Does marketing is necessary in today’s world ??

When I Started my career in this Magical I.T. world, i thought “yoUr WOrk SPEAKs itSELF”. But after time to time when i groom myself, i realised that Marketing is necessary to get to explore ‘THE’ next step and to showcase yoUr talent to the blind people. Its like a figure among ciphers(In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king--> 😉).

One of the best example i can say The Online E-comON(comerce 😈😠👿) fight when everyone is creating online platform to buy anything/everything (shit we dont need 💩) by just providin the so called Discount (including updated GST please 😸).

To be continued….


In the continuation to the above discussion, i would like to add a best example to showcase how best your marketing will lead your product even if it is not upto the mark where it has to be. Paytm is best product in indian market in terms of vareity or in terms or marketing. But i want to show case how they actually being good !!.

If we compare freecharge with Paytm, i would say freecharge is really good in terms of their product but what lacking is that they dont have businesses marketing skills as compared to paytm. How paytm publicised themselfs in Demonetization which itself take him one step ahead as compared to any other e-comerce > freecharge which lack behind.

So ona single note ✓ if you know how to sell a normal pen.. then you know how to sell a shit even if it is worse then your expectations…

And if you dnt know this … then sell yourself ;).. m sure there would be a great buyer who can invest on you ☺ to fullfill their dreams 😎