Splitting the paradigm

Spitting the paradigm is about how important is it for you to break through your daily routine of life and start focusing on little things such as hobbies that you love. It’s good to put a constant amount of effort to your work regularly for consistent results.

Most of us, who are working on a daily basis, forget this one important aspect of life, the amount of time required to get the work done while assuring that we are in the right direction.

While we all are putting too much effort is one thing, but adding value to it at the same time is completely different thing. Knowing the difference and generalising it, is the only way to get your self-moving forward.

It's all about the ROI you looking to get back on every minute spent on what you are doing. The only keynote to understand this is super simple, that is how well do you understand your job role in your company. Are you or are you not well aware of the scope of performance that is required by you in this complete process. There is no point banging your head on the table if you are not happy with what you do or have no idea. 
The profession you take in will be the image that you project to the world. Understanding yourself and giving time to your hobbies, while putting right amount of effort to work will bring in drastic change.
Don't refrain from breaking your daily routine of work and trying something new. Taking the same route every day can be boring or having the same conversation with someone can lead to a lack of interest.

Occasions are many but taking that chance and breaking your pattern of your daily routine, is the only way to keep you consistent towards your aim in life. The Same route taken daily, cannot lead to a new direction but a change in the path will.