Prevent the risk of diabetes with these simple steps

Diabetes is a chronic condition which can only be managed but not cured. The condition, in which sugar levels are uncontrolled, is known to be a silent killer as it comes with a lot of complications.

However, it can be managed through making certain lifestyle changes.

· Weight Control

According to a research, being overweight increases your chances of becoming diabetic by 20 to 40 times more than someone with normal weight. Therefore, controlling weight should be on priority for a diabetic to manage their sugar levels.

· Become Active

Inactivity is a key factor for uncontrolled sugar levels. When the muscles work and work hard, it improves the secretion of insulin resulting into absorbing glucose. This reduces the stress of insulin making cells.

· Improve Your Diet

Just by bringing certain changes in your diet, you can manage diabetes easily. Substitute highly processed carbohydrates with whole grain products such as multigrain (whole grain) atta. Similarly, choose water, coffee or even tea over sugary drinks. Consult your diabetes educator for nutritional guidance and counselling.

· Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation is necessary for a person with diabetes. Smoking increases the complications of diabetes such as heart attacks, stroke, diabetic retinopathy, etc.

· Alcohol Consumption

Moderate alcohol consumption up to two drinks for men and one drink for women is not harmful. However, the key is to moderately consume so that you don’t harm your body.

Even though making lifestyle changes can help in improving sugar levels, constant monitoring is necessary for better results. The benefit about regular monitoring of sugar levels is that it helps to identify the sudden fluctuations and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed in the HbA1c levels. Moreover, it helps to check the medications, whether to change the dose and reduce A1c levels drastically.

Managing your diabetes is a possibility if you are ready to make some major changes to your lifestyle. You should use these tips and meet with your doctor to discuss the strategies you can use to prevent complications from appearing.

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