The Good, Bad and the Ugly!

Once upon a time, in a Galaxy by far the meekest of them all, on a planet that resembled much of Pandora, there were these Three who came to know the secret of the Universe. They knew the Truth! For a time the Three were happy in the light of their knowledge, content even, and they lived it in reality. But soon, the Darkness came for them. Like the slick cum that Luke can’t ever seem to wash away from his hand no matter how burned and non existent they are. Like an acid induced dream that you cant ever seem to be able to wipe away from your memory. Even though you know it was real! Or ever hope to explain to anyone in reality, what it was that was consuming you so.

Darkness, it comes to those that dwell in the minds after all. Now the thing about truth is it requires and asks only one thing when it comes to you. It seeks to be Known! It seeks to be free! And they all felt that call. So they called a grand council of the three. “The Truth is too great a gift to only hoard it for ourselves” said all three. “We would have to visit all of existence itself to spread it”, agreed the three. They were being selfless. They were fulfilling prophecies yet to be un-uttered, they thought. But decided, one couldn’t just tell or learn the truth plain. It had to be made palatable, so they called and named themselves the Good, Bad and the Ugly. The reasons being obvious they set about spreading the Truth to the multiverse that occupied the cosmos of their minds. Good went East, so Bad went West, and the Ugly went North, and things went South real quick.

The East was the most populous part of the Universe and was well versed in the art of obscurity and anonymity. When Good sprinkled the Truth on them like saltbae from the planet of the apes, they found the taste bitter. “Who is this Good” they murmured, “that so wishes us to taste these portentous fallacies and so lose ourselves and our identities?” “We reject thee and thy Truth, so be gone!”

The West was a swirling vortex of chaos, a region submerged in black-holes and well defiled in the divinity of excesses. With the mastery of their self-centers, they worshiped nothing and nothingness worshiped them. So when Bad watered them hose down with the Truth, so to be drunk on it. They only wanted more. “Truth is infinite”, they said “you can’t save any in singularity, no soul, nor truth.” “So we will suck you in and consume you. All of you. All of Truth.”

The North was a fortress for the solitude, it was ancient and distant. Cold and silent! Undead and dead! Only the wraiths writhed in eternal agony to long lost regrets of madness. They knew no reason nor any other season. The winter never left! And when Ugly snowed them in with the Truth, they froze, all of them. But not before one of them had with a wispy last breathe whispered,
“CONFESS.” As visions began to grey.