Sentimental baloney.
Rick Fischer

‘Obligations’ in ‘Christian charity’? Since when is charity an act of religion? Is it not an act of humanity? You say you have seen photos and videos of them being rowdy. Have you seen photgraphs or videos of what they are running from? Why would anyone sell everything they own and pay 1200$ per person to get on a rubber dinghy and cross oceans? To go into another country and rape and pillage? Do you think they are crazy?

No matter how much you want a better job or life, you wouldn’t just leave everything behind to go to another country empty handed. You wouldn’t need to be in the position to demand food and water from charities. People who migrate for a better life make the decision with courage and a reasonable amount of common sense. They don’t arrive with one bag on their hands and no passport or money to survive.

It’s like saying every Muslim person is a terrorist when you say every refugee seeking asylum is going to rape and pillage. Some of them are, but not all. And over half of them are children. You say ‘most’ are not fleeing death but I don’t see what children would gain by ‘fleeing’ to rape, pillage and pilfer.

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