Last Wednesday, March 8th, was International Women’s Day. The day was first celebrated in 1909, and was adopted by the United Nations in 1975. Over the decades, the day has represented different variations on gender (and overall) equality based on the most salient issues of the time. Particularly because this was a year where five million people participated in Women’s Marches, it seemed apt that the theme focused on actionable civic engagement — #BeBoldForChange.

However, the challenge with a snappy hashtag is that people like to say it (or tweet it), but don’t really know what it means. In fact, as I started working on this project, I encountered a number of people who stared blankly when I asked them what it meant to them. What I discovered was that a theme based on action required work and effort to engage with. It wasn’t just a platitude; it was a prompt for setting a personal resolution for the year.

As I approached women throughout the day, I found some were interested, some found the whole notion daunting, some had a hard time specifying a concrete goal, some were shy about sharing, and some took the exercise to heart. In every case, there was a dialogue and an exchange of thoughts, experiences and feelings. While not all women felt comfortable sharing their resolutions with the world, all of them were eager to wrestle with ideas around action and change, and each and every one of the conversations I had was a source of inspiration.

Here are some of the bold resolutions some women have undertaken. I hope they inspire you, too.

MIT Sloan women share how they plan to be bold for change