Blind Tasting Cigars From Rocky Patel To Make The Best Product

There was a time when the market for cigars was very limited and it was extremely difficult and expensive to find a good quality cigar. But today, cigars can be easily and readily found in every department store across all countries. Each cigar brand tries to push its product ahead claiming it to be of superior quality and offering the best or a competitive price for the same. The true cigar smoking lovers, these are really confusing times. They find themselves often perturbed as to how to find the best cigar in the market. The best brands make tall claims about their product matching the quality of true handmade cigars tend to cloud the mind even before tasting the cigars.

Not all claims are false as there are brands like cigars from Rocky Patel, who do genuinely offer good quality products, but one needs to find the cigar which suits their personal taste. A simple solution to the above problem lies in doing blind tasting. The process of blind tasting involves five steps which are detailed below:


The first step is to do the ground work required for blind tasting. For an unbiased tasting result, it is important that you are not aware of the brand of whose cigar you will taste. Therefore, get all the tags and stickers mentioning the name of the brand removed from all the sample cigars. The next step would be to prepare a sheet of paper on which you will be noting down your opinion about the different cigars. This sheet of paper should be divided into four columns as you will be judging the cigar on their aesthetics, construction and flavor. The fourth column would be for any special or additional comments about the cigar. Once both these things are done, you are set to start the blind tasting process.

Cigars represent the class. It is essential for the aesthetics of a cigar to be of top quality. These aesthetics provides most of the fun and appeal in cigar smoking. Cigar smoking is similar to wine tasting or having food in the finest of restaurants. The ambience surrounding them needs to be really appealing. In case of a cigar this appeal is judged on the basis of its wrapper and external façade. The judgment criteria include wrapper quality; whether it is smooth, dry, brittle; whether its color and look is dark, light, silky, oily greasy or coarse? Everything about the looks of the cigar that help in forming the first impression about it is judged in this category. Cigars by Rocky Patel and other similar top brands spend huge sums of money in ensuring that the cigars manufactured by them score heavily on their looks.


Under this category the cigars are judged on the basis of their weight, feel between the fingers, their density or lightness, if they have any soft spots, their aroma, and other similar factors which appeal to the sense of touch of a person. The draw of the smoke on lighting the cigar is also scored under this head.

Flavor And Strength

Full bodied or mild, musty, sweet, harsh, floral, robust, salty or green, the taste of a cigar can vary greatly. The judgment under this head is a matter of personal preference and choice. The best cigar would be the one which suits best to your personal taste. One point to remember here though is to also judge the cigar on the basis of its aftertaste.

General Comments

Here any special observations or peculiar traits of the cigars tasted can be noted included in the final decision making.

Best cigars in the market like cigars from Rocky Patel, are often tasted by professionals in order to be able to work on the defects and give the consumer an absolutely delightful product.

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