What If?

I always prefer working alone. (That is a little nook I created for myself at my workplace) Lost in my own thoughts for hours at a stretch. Most of that time, I waver from the real purpose/work that I was supposed to do. None of the thoughts that occur to me or the things I write or do are useless per se, but they are not adding up to the real “purpose” at hand.

What if I waste my entire life keeping busy in the “not exactly useless per se” shenanigans of everyday life. What if making a career, networking with the “right” people, reaching atop the ladder, buying a house, then a bigger house, buying a car and so on and even our quests for finding a purpose for being on this earth are only these “shenanigans”.

Once in a while the intellectual in us starts questioning what we do for a living and sometimes even what we do with that living we earn. But we get back to our work, keeping busy and getting lost in our own thoughts. What if that was not how we were supposed to be living our lives.