A workspace that makes John Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Not all offices are GOOGLE, FACEBOOK or MICROSOFT offices but the workplace expectations of any IT | IET | ICT company employees are not far from similar.

They spend a hell lot of time at their desks, behind their screens, coding | decoding | programming | designing | analysing…

Whether the big giants in the Silicon Valley’s of the world or small start ups in a II Tier city of India like Ahmedabad or Indore or Nagpur; all of them deserve a workspace that adds to their performance, that’s conducive to individual well being and is an experience one wants to endure every day, six days a week or sometimes seven; for 10 hours a day as well as nights.

A simple interactive session with the end-users — the young pool of talent working in these offices that we design and built, reveals how simple things matter to them.

Image source: Actual project site, work in progress.
#Natural light is free of cost…..

LET THE LIGHT IN…..and right up to my desk please! It will not only bring down the office energy costs but also make the staff working in open plan spaces feel human with his/her right to light being fulfilled.

Image Source: Pinterest
#Wash-rooms can be inspiring spaces too:) and definitely not to be neglected.

You can judge a company by its toilets & wash rooms. If these are not neglected, you stand a chance too. Enough numbers, usable conditions, clean and hygienic are the basics….go that extra mile to make it interesting.

Image source: Working details of development2020 project
#Can I have green areas where I work?

I promise to water them everyday…just like I nurture my plants at home. Everyone has a green bit at home, but just like children, the plants are fast asleep when we are back from work. We miss their company at work.

Image source: Photo collage on actual project
#Inspiration can come in any form

It does not always need to be a Van Gogh or Hussain for an art work to inspire. Harry Potter & the philosopher’s stone can create the same magic.

Image source: Actual site photograph of development2020 project
#Monday morning blues are because of the office ‘greys’.

We want colours…dynamic & lively in what we wear and where we work. Lets not shy away from using colours in workspaces. Grey, white and browns are over done in office spaces.

Image source: Pinterest
#Sitting is the new smoking.

We need more options than just office chairs to stand, walk, lounge….throw in some high stools, bean bags, lounge chairs and we have many reasons to be healthy at work.

Image Source: Design concept for team dinning — development2020 project
#Teams that eat together, chat together…. will work well together.

Researchers suggest — Keyboards can be more unhygienic than a toilet seat. A separate dining space is a must, if not a full-fledge cafeteria in the office. The best space for team bonding, breaking the iceberg between colleagues, newcomers and different generations is always around food…

And the Last but not the Least on our wishlist….

We love Justin Bieber….Rihanna…& GaGa….let the music play and the party begin.

#WE SWEAR WE SHALL WORK TOO, in the office we love so dearly.